U.S. Cellular wants to help parents and kids navigate how they use social media, websites, connected devices as well as their smartphones.


We’ve curated a variety of tips and resources for both parents and kids to help them better understand how to be safe when using technology in their lives.

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Establishing parameters is key to making sure both parents and children see eye-to-eye on how the devices are used. U.S. Cellular is here to help you make this discussion as easy as possible.

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Check out the tips and ideas below to help inform your family talk about a variety of digital family matters.

Social Media Tips for Kids

Here are a few tips you should always consider when engaging with social media platforms.

Keeping Your Connected Home Secure

Adding parental controls and securing connected devices is important to help prevent children in the house from accessing inappropriate content and managing privacy.

Social Media Tips for Parents

There are a few basic guidelines parents can consider when helping their kids navigate social media safely.